Are cast acrylate marine windows an actual sustainable solution?

Even though cast acrylatic marine windows are not as hard and scratch proof as glass windows they most definitely are a sustainable option. The materials we use are of the best quality and UV-proof.

What will determine the cost of acrylate marine windows?

The cost of a cast acrylatic marine window depends on a number of critical factors; therefore, it does not create a realistic expectation if we would quote general prices on our website. Are you looking to replace a flat, curved or shaped marine window or a marine hatch? There are also several options in the materials and window colours we can supply. To get more information and a free quote we would advise you to contact our specialist advisor to enquire about the possibilities and the relevant costs for your custom solution.

If I replace my acrylate window, what colours can I choose for my new window?

Next to the standard transparent option we can offer a wide range of colours. You can choose a variety of colours and thickness. Contact us for more information about the options and our colour display.

What information do you need to replace my marine windows?

There are a few ways you can provide us with information we need to replace your marine windows:

  • Provide us with the original window.
  • A technical draft with measurements
  • Please provide us with a digital file in either .eps or .ai format (vector file).
  • Provide us with a wooden, cardboard or paper frame of the window.

We can also take your window’s measurements (please contact us for more information).

How can I keep my marine windows in optimal condition?

The internet offers you many different detergents to help you clean your marine windows. However, the best way to maintain your marine windows is to use as little as possible. When you do find that your marine windows are due for a clean, please make sure you rinse them thoroughly with plain water to prevent scratching from sand and other filth, before you start cleaning with a brush or a cloth.

To measure, to produce and to assemble on a location most convenient to you, that’s our secret!!

No less than 60 brand new windows were assembled by Martijn Mijnster (a window installer working for and the boat exhibitions were an enormous success! The best thing for us is when we have successfully installed yet another set of windows and the consumer comments during the final installation: “Brilliant Martijn! Can you please measure up the rest of the windows as well? We would love to have those replaced too!!” Amazing, isn’t it?

Martijn: It’s just wonderful that through our digital 2D measurement the windows that we made and placed were in a great fit.
Customers love the fact that they no longer need to supply molds or disassemble their windows to make a mold.

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