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Wipers are no problem for our hardened glass
Big, bigger, ............... a challenge!
Also for large marine windows with single or double glazing, please contact us. This example is 4 meters wide!
Sailing home..... with a clear view thanks to seaworthy boat windows
A custom made condensation free solution also for your boat!
After mounting on location, you can sail out immediately!
Stylish double glazing!
An extra chic look, white profiles with green tinted glass
For ANY type of boat we make custom made marine windows, in the right form, with the right material and in the colour you wish
isn’t it a beauty?
Black condensation free profile with tinted glass
Cruse boats are also no problem. 2 vessels in Switzerland with our new windows
Also Commercial vessels we assemble with our condensation free marine windows
All the new canal boats from the firm Lovers in Amsterdam are assembled with our condense free marine windows

Marine windows

Do the rubber window profiles on your boat need replacing? Or are you completely fed up with the condensation on your aluminum window profiles? We deliver marine windows with beautiful PVC profiles, which hold many advantages over the rubber and aluminum alternatives.
Use our condensation free profiles SUPER quality, while paying a competitive price!

Curved marine windows

At we noticed that one of the many ways in which we differentiate ourselves from other companies, is by producing curved marine windows. With a growing demand for customized curved windows, we are very happy to offer our consumers a fitting solution! We offer almost every possible kind of curved marine window and other curved items, such as windshields, strongly curved sailboat windows, fly-bridges, etc.

Shaped marine windows

Our shaped marine windows are made in a special procedure. With the help of a unique mold, we are able to manufacture our windows in one piece. Our shaped windows can be installed with or without aluminum locking profiles.

We can deliver every shape and size!

Marine hatches

Even marine hatches don’t have an eternal life, they need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years. Due to the aging process the material will start showing hairline cracks, which will lead to a more fragile window and will impair the visibility of the window, bringing about all kinds of dangers.

Flat glass panes

Flat windows are usually found on sailing boats and yachts as part of the deck hatches. Naturally we offer the option of casing in these windows by use of a frame. However, they can be provided with drilling holes and a beveled edge.


We are sure that by now you understand that no project is too crazy for us! Big windows, small hatches, special curved windows, you name it. Our possibilities are (almost) endless! Discover some of our best practices by clicking on the link below.