Marine windows

Do the rubber window profiles on your boat need replacing? Or are you completely fed up with the condensation on your aluminum window profiles? Does this condensation cause weathering, rot or mold on the wood around your windows and your windowsill? You can change that now!

We supply TOPwindows marine windows with plastic window profiles. They have some many advantages over aluminum and rubber profiles. Choose for first class quality AND value for money! Put an end to your frustrations and choose for the patented TOPwindows marine windows and high quality PVC profiles. And, a TOPwindows window brings many more advantages!

Condensation free

As we know, aluminum profiles create condensation and will absolutely affect the beautiful wood of your interior paneling. Our window profiles don’t! Feel free to ask for a demonstration in our showroom, no strings attached. Feel free to ask for a non-committal demonstration.

Thermal profiles that retain heat

The insulation value for aluminum is very low, which makes the heating of your boat very inefficient. The thermal insulation value of the TOPwindows PVC window profiles is high. Thanks to this you will save a lot of money on your heating costs.

Easy and safe

Installing new windows in your boat or ship has never been easier, thanks to the many advantages of working with TOPwindows:

  • Window measurement based on your previous window measures using 2D measurement equipment, 100% fit guaranteed!
  • No need to disassemble and assemble your old windows, including creating a model for your window.
  • Easy to install using a snap connection.
  • TOPwindows windows are easy to remove, very convenient if your boat needs a paint job.
  • Save a lot of hassle with pre-drilling screw holes and fitting, our snap connection system makes a strong fit in our profiles.
  • We can install insect screens on your sash windows.
  • You can open your sash windows without opening the insect screens as well.
  • The TOPwindows windows are fire-retardant.

5 year warranty

TOPwindows gives five year warranty where most suppliers only give 1 to 2 years.

Choice of glass and colouring

We believe it’s important that you can choose the right window for your boat or ship. You can choose between single or double glazing. Our windows are available in a variety of colours as well as our window profiles.

  • You can choose between 4 different profile colours:
  • Light grey (aluminum look)
  • Hard coal grey
  • Crème (RAL 9001)
  • Black (RAL 9005)

A luxury look

Quality is everything. But looks are important too. We know what a difference that can make. That is why our TOPwindows windows add just that little something to your boat or ship. The windows have a professional and custom fit look. With our easy-to-use snap connection system, no screw or terminal blocks will be visible.

Wall thickness

Our window profiles are suitable for a wall thickness between 4 and 18 mm. Other sizes available on request.


Curious about our working method? Click here and watch the video.


TOPwindows ship windows are produced and delivered under the responsibility of TOPwindows. To be able to deliver perfect windows, they use a few rules that you can see here.

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Marine windows

Do the rubber window profiles on your boat need replacing? Or are you completely fed up with the condensation on your aluminum window profiles?We deliver marine windows with beautiful PVC profiles, which hold many advantages over the rubber and aluminum alternatives.

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