Measuring & assembling uses the latest technology in its manufacturing process. This means that there are many advantages for you. After you’ve ordered your windows we recommend  you to have your windows measured by one of our experts. Our experts are highly trained in using the latest digital 2D and 3D measuring equipment.

This means that a lot of things will be easier for you!

For example:

  • Benefit from our measuring warranty, so no excessive worrying about the measurements of your new windows!
  • No need to put a lot of effort into making a mold
  • Measuring is possible using your current windows
  • There is no need to disassemble your current windows


We charge € 45,00 for measuring your flat windows (of TOPwindows). We are able to do these measurements extremely accurately, using our special digital 2D measuring equipment.

To assemble in a simple way the new windows we charge 45.00 Euro per window.
These costs do not include any additional work.

When it comes to measuring and installing curved windows or windows with a special shape, we contact you and make a fitting arrangement. The curved and special shaped windows are measured using our special 3D measuring equipment. The price will depend on the shape and the size of the window.
These two aspects will also determine the time it will take us to assemble the window.

*Prices that are mentioned include GTS.
Travel expenses by mutual agreement.

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Marine windows

Do the rubber window profiles on your boat need replacing? Or are you completely fed up with the condensation on your aluminum window profiles?We deliver marine windows with beautiful PVC profiles, which hold many advantages over the rubber and aluminum alternatives.

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Shaped marine windows

Our shaped marine windows are made in a special procedure. With the help of a unique mold, we are able to manufacture our windows in one piece. Our shaped windows can be installed with or without aluminum locking profiles.

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We are sure that by now you understand that no project is too crazy for us! Big windows, small hatches, special curved windows, you name it. Our possibilities are (almost) endless! Discover some of our best practices by clicking on the link below.

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