Flat glass panes

Flat windows are usually found on sailing boats and yachts as part of the deck hatches and can be equipped with a variety of fixations. Of course we offer the option of fitting our windows in an aluminum frame.
We can supply for all brands of sailing boats and yachts.
The black coating ensures better adhesion of the sealant and also has a UV-resistant effect against aging of the mounting sealant. 
Another advantage is that the whole looks neater because it camouflages the kit.
NEW: Hard coated top layer, especially for flat windows!
99% of all marine windows are fabricated from cast acrylate. A major disadvantage of acrylate is that it is easily scratched and damaged. By applying a super hard coated top layer to both sides of the window, scratching will be reduced to a minimum! Ask about the possibilities.
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The old and the new pane