Weathered, moldy, rotten wood around the windows or condensation on porthole profiles is no longer necessary thanks to the TOPwindows portholes.
The uPVC portholes are insulated and free of condensation. They are available in single and double glass (PMMA), fixed and fold versions and in 3 different fixed sizes.
As standard, the profiles are supplied in black or aluminum-look gray. The glass in modern gray. Other colours on request.

The portholes are suitable for a wall thickness of 4 to 20 mm and are interchangeable with the most important brands portholes in the water sports sector.
375 x 175 mm radius 55 is available.
Other sizes and versions soon.
Naturally, the portholes are UV and seawater resistant and, in addition to the applicable ISO standards, they meet the ocean-worthy CE-A requirements.
    Easy to assemble yourself:


With or without removable fly screen:

  Of course a rain hood is an option:
 Double glass open portholes built into a fixed double glass window:

Images of the 1st designs